Climate change facts: On Average each person in the UK emits 10.25 tonnes of CO2 per annum

Sunday 25 February 2018

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Hotel Trade

Alliance CO2 are pleased to be working with forward thinking people in the Hotel trade.

Hotels by nature of what they do are high energy users. High energy means a substantial 'carbon footprint'; a mini bar in every room, all the additional refrigeration in the kitchens and all that cleaning to mention a few.

Alliance CO2 have a simple scheme that helps hotels large and small, privately owned or a chain, to mitigate some of the carbon generated by each stay.

Hotel guests are invited to pay an additional £1 (per night on their hotel bill). This goes towards planting a tree to offset some of the carbon generated by the stay. Once enough donations have been made we plant and manage a hardwood tree on behalf of the hotel and its guests. 

Our aim is to plant one tree per room per month. A hotel with 25 rooms should then be able to plant around 300 trees in a year. 

The trees are planted in the UK. We plant and manage indigenous species which also provide a natural habitat for wildlife.

If you are a hotel wishing to find out more about this simple but effective scheme and all the advantages please email or call 0845 834 0918.


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