Global temperatures have risen by over 0.7C since the 1700s with 0.5C of this warming occurring during the past 100 years.

Sunday 25 February 2018

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

What We Do

You can subscribe to for one, three or five years.  We then plant trees each year to reflect your level of subscription.

Your subscription can be deducted against Corporation Tax.

We discuss with you what is the appropriate and affordable number of trees for you to plant.

AllianceCO2. will plant your trees at an appropriate time to minimise the failure rate.

The newly planted trees will be tended to and managed to help ensure that they thrive. will be planting broadleaf indigenous trees because of their suitability to the UK climate and therefore increased capacity to use carbon-dioxide.

Upon receipt of payment each year we will send you a certificate to show your commitment to tackling climate change and the number of new trees planted on your behalf.

Subscribing entitles you to use the accreditation on all stationery and marketing material to highlight your commitment to combating climate change.

You will be given a unique grid reference showing exactly where your trees are planted.

View our UK plot via Google Maps

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